Friday, May 28, 2010

So long, already?

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I posted something.  I hope you weren't holding your breath.  Or waiting for a happier post to cheer you up.  Or something.

So much has happened in these 6 weeks, but that's what life does, right?

School ended and was looking forward to having a couple months off of thinking.  I planned on getting the reading done for my next class (which starts in July), but I got sidetracked by Anne of Green Gables, which was one of the books on the list.  And that led me down the whole Anne series path, until I got sidetracked again partway into the sixth (of eight) book(s).  At one point I was reading two or three books, all for this class.

And then Allen emailed me with the offer I couldn't refuse.  So now I'm taking another 3 credits (for free), being his research assistant for his book on teaching Middle Eastern literature.  My job is to read Israeli literature and tell him whether or not it is teachable, and if so how.  (See my education blog for some posts.)  I highly suggest A Woman in Jerusalem.  It's so good.  :)

Right now I'm reading The Smile of the Lamb, and I think I could have given him the info he wanted about 100 or 200 pages ago, but once I start a book, I find it next to impossible to stop reading (except for The Book of Intimate Grammar, but it lost me with the bestiality reference).  I constantly worry that I'm not reading enough, not giving him enough feedback, not doing it quick enough.  But I have to remember that I read in all my spare time (except right now) (and except when I'm watching TV with Matt).

Emma's been sleeping better (thankfully) and so that's helpful.  I even read while working out (every day!), which makes me feel like I'm accomplishing a lot, when really I'm not technically doing anything.  (Except working out.  Only in my head, with the ridiculous amounts of perfectionism, does working out equal "not technically doing anything.")

We had an amazing time at Nana & Papa's last week (or was it the week before?).  Emma turned into quite a little fish.  I've already posted most of the photos and vidoes on FB, but here I go again:

Ok, well I just tried to upload like 5 photos, but this is the only one that worked, so I'm not going to fight with it right now.  It's a good picture, and pretty much sums up the entire trip for me: Emma and Daddy, together and smiling, looking happy and relaxed and I LOVE THEM.

So tonight we'll hopefully watch another DVRed episode of SG-U, eat local pig brats, and relax.  (We just finished a pound of cherries between the two of us - it must be summer!) Tomorrow we clean, create yummy ribs, mow, and hang out with Joe & Nina.  (Ribs on the grill!  Smores!  Camp fire! Hobo Pies!)  I will do my best to NOT spend my entire day counting the minutes until Tami et al get here (sometime around 1:30 am).

Then we have other great things: Volinia Graduation (YAY!), Tami meeting Emma (I cannot believe she hasn't met the best thing in my world), and another night of the Majszak (did I spell that right?) family.

Plus nothing planned for Monday.  And Matt will be home.

(I didn't mention how sad and mopey Emma was after Matt went back to work - she definitely missed him...)

And then he has a 4 day week before we leave again.  Wait.  We leave again in 7 days.  This is crazy.

Vegas, here we come!

But first I will enjoy every day between here and there.