Monday, November 1, 2010

Cloth Diapering - Please Help!

If you have experience with CD-ing, please let me know what you love!

We've been cd-ing with Emma since she was about 5 weeks old.  I love it, but hate the diapers we use.  I bought an entire set of BG3s,which were amazing until they started leaking - every single diaper.  I've stripped them (obviously), changed detergents, changed how I put them on her, etc, but Emma's a tall, skinny, heavy-wetter and they just don't work.  I've even resorted to disposables at night!  I'm looking into new types of diapers for Sophia - and Emma too if I can convince Matt to spend the extra money.

So far we've tried the BumGenius Flip pre-fold (with two kinds of inserts), FuzziBunz one-sized, and the Gro-Via.  My sister-in-law uses prefolds (Flip, Thirsties, and another brand I don't remember) with her son (2 1/2) and will be continuing with her daughter (due Nov. 19).  For Emma I don't like the Flip with the regular prefold because
it's too bulky or with the BG insert because it doesn't absorb (which makes sense because it's pretty much the same thing as the insert for the BG3).  I love the FuzziBunz because I can adjust the elastic, but Em's so squirmy that putting on anything with snaps is next to impossible.  But I do use the one I have at night when it's clean
because it doesn't leak.  As for the Gro-Via, we only have one, but so far it's what I'm leaning toward for Sophia.  (I've asked for 3 or 4 more for Christmas.)  We've never had a leak in them day or night, and they aren't snaps.  I've been told (after I bought this one) that Gro-Via work particularly well with skinny babies.  Seems to be the case for us.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys use and where you get them. I'm considering doing the Jillian's Drawers trial for both Emma and Sophia.  I've talked to them and they'll sub out the diapers we already have experience with for anything else I'd like to try.  And although the deposit is expensive, it's only $10 for the 21-day trial.

My friend just bought some Sloomb Sustainable Babyish fitted diapers for her heavy-wetting son for night time.  (They also use BG3s.)  She loves them.  I'm considering trying some of those too... 

At this point, I'll try anything!  I love cd-ing, but the BG3s just are doing it for us. 

Night time diaper possibility

I'm interested in these diapers for night time.  Arwen says they work!