Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I’ve Been At Home for 10 Months – Still Not Bored

Here are some odds & ends for the beginning of April:
April 001
Turning my girl into a bookworm already.
April 003She loves going to Baby LapSit at the library.
April 011Sleepy stroller-nap-time girl.
April 012And super-cute toes poking through the blanket.
April 016  
April 018

Grandma’s new hobby is keeping my girl in adorable hats!
April 019She  LOVES playing with her toes… it makes me wonder at what point did it become impossible for me to suck on my toes?  Wait.  Is it impossible to suck on my toes?  At what point did I stop caring?
April 021Happy sunshine girl.
April 026 
April 027

Grandmas are good at Easter baskets. 
April 032
April 033

Mom can be good at Easter too – even if Emma didn’t get out of her jammies all day…
April 038And finally a picture of the SpinachMonster wearing her Halloween bib the day after Easter.
Easter weekend was wonderful.  Dad was here, we all went to Mike & Barb’s for dinner on Saturday. 

[redacted until further notice]

Back to Easter weekend.  Saturday night was fun – Joe’s birthday.  Emma with the grandparents.  Dinner and a movie.  Very nice.
Then Sunday was oh so sleepy and relaxing and difficult with the cranky baby all at the same time.  But it was a good day.
Having cancelled all my plans for the week, Emma and I started Monday with some sleep training.  (hahahahaha)  I’m trying to get her on a schedule.  I wish I had… another three or four days without plans to keep consistently reinforcing things.  It’s gotten better, but the tooth that’s coming in isn’t helping anything.  (I predict she’ll have a top tooth by the end of April.  I also predict I’ll be wrong.  Now I’ll be right either way!  …And wrong either way…)  The best part (also the most difficult) is the quiet/snuggly time when she decides to cut naptime short.  Also, the awake and cranky time when she’s ready for the next nap but it’s not time yet. 
Today we went shopping and spent money that we shouldn’t have.  I come from a long line of people who do that.  But don’t we all?
I finished my presentation!  YES!!!!!  So on Saturday, I will go up to MSU and present “Integrating Native Literatures into the Secondary Classroom” at the Michigan Council of Teachers of English.  People will look to me as an expert.  I will trick them into believing that I’m qualified.  It will be wonderful.  It’s a great beginning into my career as an academe.  That’s me.  Sarah Jayne Davis, Academe.  LOL.
Tomorrow I will finish my essay.  At least, I hope I will.  I mean, that’s the plan.  Mostly because the essay is due tomorrow.  I also need to revise the last one since I didn’t get a grade on it.  Sadface.
So hopefully this is what will happen tomorrow: Emma will sleep from 1-3 likeagoodgirl.  I will take her over to Ashley’s.  Matt will pick her up at 6 and take her to bed.  In the meantime, I will finish my essay and go to class.  Yes.  Sounds great.
Then Friday we go to Mason for a great day and Saturday is my presentation.
Wait for the update.  And wish me luck.  And send good thoughts.


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  2. Redactions are fun. No wonder the government does it all the time.

  3. I love you and am extremely proud of you! You will be wonderful on Saturday, I know you will! Wish I was able to see your presentation.