Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breaking all my own rules

I remember when I told Grandma Mary that I wasn't going to co-sleep.  I was pregnant and didn't know that my baby was going to be irresistable and that co-sleeping was so fun and that my husband loves to wake up next to my girl and I snuggling together.  So, it's true that for at least part of every single night she's with us.  And we all sleep better for it.

I remember when I said "No berries" and especially "No strawberries."  But she loves strawberries and is so cute when she eats them.  Even with only two teeth, she knows she can bite off the end and have summer-time yumminess.

And I remember when I thought people who EC'd were crazy hippies, but I've decided I'm also a crazy hippy.  And it's not like she goes diaper-free (maybe when she can walk, if it's warm enough).  But I do try to have her sit on the "pot" so I don't have to wash as many poopy diapers.  So the girl's pooped on the potty twice.  And I've tried twice with her today, but each time she's decided that the excitement of being on the potty is too much and she stops.  So now I have a poopy diaper to change because I know the girl can't sleep if she has to poop.

Also, we had a great Up North Fourth.  Which maybe I'll blog about.  Or maybe I'll leave it at that.  Life is so good and busy and wonderful.  I'm definitely happy.  :)

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  1. Yeah for Emma, Yeah for Matt, Yeah for Sarah! You are wonderful parents, I love you both, keep up the great job that you are both doing!!!!!!!!! I love you and believe that you both are wonderful parents!!!!!!!! Keep doing what feels right, your instincts are the best, don't forget that. Love you Mom B.