Saturday, January 28, 2012

31x31 Weekly Update - Week One

Well, I'm not in a very positive mood tonight, so this probably isn't going to be the best update post. Sorry about that in advance. I'm seven days in to my 31x31 list and have already scratched one thing off the list: My tattoo! (Or, as Emma calls it, my "tat-toe") So that feels good. Actually, right now it feels itchy. But that's normal. ;)

There are a lot of daily items on my list and I'm trying not to beat myself up for not doing so well with some of them. I mean, this is the first week and these are lifestyle changes. So I'll try to keep that in consideration. Here's the break-down:

  • Tattoo!
  • 30 minutes working out
  • Emma watched an hour or less of TV (at our house)
  • Pumped 4 oz - which Fia drank
  • Sky Scarf = White-Blue
  • (Housekeeping fail)
  • 30 minutes working out
  • Emma watched an hour or less of TV (at our house)
  • Pumped 3 oz - in the freezer
  • Sky Scarf = Light Gray
  • Got Bread Making Class for Birthday!
  • Finished a Book (counts as 1/2)
  • (Housekeeping fail)
  • 30 minutes working out
  • Pumped 4 oz - in the freezer
  • Sky Scarf = Light Gray w/ Rain
  • Started a book ;)
  • Housekeeping = at least 30 minutes, probably more because I didn't pay much attention
  • (TV fail)
  • 30 minutes working out
  • Pumped 4 oz - which Emma & Fia drank
  • Sky Scarf = Light Gray
  • Housekeeping = Probably 15 minutes
  • TV = OK, but not great
  • Bought snow pants for Matt & I on sale!
  • 30 minutes working out
  • Pumped 3.5 oz - in the freezer
  • Sky Scarf = Light Gray
  • Housekeeping = probably 15 minutes
  • TV major FAIL
  • Wired-less Wednesdays = great until hubby wanted to watch TV with me. (But I only watched 1 hour and I wasn't online/texting/tv-ing/computing for any other part of the day.)
  • Finished Mockingjay
  • 20 minutes working out
  • No pumping :(
  • Sky Scarf = Light Gray
  • Housekeeping = 15 minutes, if I'm lucky
  • TV fail
  • Started a book
  • 10 minutes working out
  • Pumping = 3 oz in the freezer
  • Sky Scarf = Blue
  • Housekeeping = 15 minutes if I'm lucky...
  • TV major fail
  • Pretty Toes Friday!
The Positives:
I'm pretty proud of myself for working out 180 minutes this week. I'll step on the scale tomorrow, but I doubt I'll have lost anything because I'm eating like shit. (I need to control that. Yes, I do.)

I also pumped almost every day. That means I've put away about 13 oz this week. Pretty good for a girl who really doesn't do well pumping. (And never has.)

I'm reading again and I love it. I've read 6  books already this year (or, 3 books twice), but only 1.5 of them count for the purposes of my 31x31 list. I loved The Hunger Games Trilogy and really hope the movie doesn't suck when it comes out in March. And now I'm reading two books: How to Raise An Amazing Child the Montesorri Way and We Animals. They're both pretty short, easy reads so I wouldn't be surprised if they were added to my DONE list by the end of the weekend.

I've also done a good job writing down colors for my Sky Scarf. This will be more rewarding after I remember how to knit and start making it. Then I can just knock off a row every night and not think about it. It does kinda depress me, though, how many gray days we had this week. But that's Michigan, especially in the winter.

Plus I bought Matt and I each a pair of snowpants so we can go play with the girls once we get some snow... next winter, probably.  Hopefully we'll get enough snow to build a snowman before this winter's over.

So that's the update. It feels really disjointed to me, and if it feels the same way to you it's because I sat down 4 or 5 times to write it. Well, that's my life!

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