Tuesday, March 23, 2010

37 (or 40) Things That Make Me Happy

March 1551. Emma took three naps today.  THREE.  And they were all over 45 minutes long.

2. Emma’s cloth diapers drying in the sunshine.

3. (While we’re on the subject of pretty, colorful things) Fiestaware in my cupboards.IMG_2279



4. Talking to my best friend.

5. Knowing that my best friend and her family will be here in May and she’ll finally get to meet my girl!

6. Spending time with my family (Mom, Jason, Matt & Emma) up north.

7. Emma letting me sleep in (7:30!) and still getting to see the sunrise over the Bay. 

March 3118. Flowers blooming in my backyard: crocus (lots of them!), violets, and the pretty purple flowers that cover the lawn.

9. The teaser photos from Emma’s shoot last Friday. (My favorite is the black & white one – she’s sucking her thumb while holding HoneyBunny.  She doesn’t get much cuter than that!)Valerie Ott Photography

10. The fact that Emma can nom on a celery stick for over 45 minutes and still be excited by it.

11. Happy babies who talk to themselves in the backseat.

12. Bath time.  More specifically, my daughter, bath toys, and splashing. Valerie Ott Photography

13. Kitties in the sunshine.  How cute!  Wish I could join them or be them.

14. Jamie Oliver.  Glad I found his TV show.  You should watch it.

15. Getting my essay done even if it’s shorter than the page minimum.  So many of my essays have been over the page minimum that it should all even out.  Right?


Valerie Ott Photography 16. My high score on Mahjong Dimensions: 2,635,650.  Beat it.  I dare you.  (Ha!  You’re too scared to even try!)

17. Working out, washing the dishes, and straightening the house while the baby is sleeping.

18. My copy of Rethinking Schools.

19. Matt texting me to say he’s “omw".”

20. Saying out loud, while Emma’s asleep, “Daddy’s such a good daddy” because Matt helped me with laundry the night before.

21. Remembering (again) to do laundry.  And then putting it off for later (again).

22. Going out with Emma to Applebee’s for lunch and ordering the 2 for $20 so I could have leftovers for dinner.

23. “Around here almost = good enough” (thanks Dawn!)

24. Co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and breast-feeding – even when my daughter thinks I’m a pacifier.

25. Having play dates.

26. Having play dates rescheduled – I didn’t have to do ANYTHING today!

27. Blogs I follow: Enjoying the Small Things, Fuck Yeah, Motherhood!, and The Bloggess (among others).

28. My life.  Yep.  That’s a big one.  But really, I’m a stay-at-home mom with an awesome baby and an amazing husband.  I’m busy and sometimes I feel like going crazy, but this is where it’s at.  Honestly.

March 32429. LLL meetings. 

30. Sunny days. 

31. Happy, playful little boy cats (Dylan & RP to be exact).

32. Deciding I’m buying a new breast pump.  Because technically it should help me.  And it’s not like I won’t use it.

33. Ending this list on a weird number like 33.  Even though I know I’m forgetting something…  (Ok.  A lot of somethings.)

March 332 34. Remembering what I was forgetting: Playing outside with Emma and Noah.

35. Emma’s face when she eats puréed carrots and/or applesauce, especially when I switch between the two.

36. Emma rocking on her hands and knees as she gets ready to crawl.  She’s not there yet, but it won’t be long.  And I’ll be Ok with that.  Sooner or later.  :)

37. Ending on 37 instead of 33.  But keeping 33 the way it is.  Because I can.

(38. The fact that 21 of my 37 things have to do with my Monster.)

(39. And the fact that she’s my Monster.)

(40. Oh!  And Girl Scout cookies!!!)

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