Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rockstar Mama

Today was a Rockstar day. Today was one of those days that makes me say, "Let's get up and do it all over again tomorrow." Today was one of those days when I think I'm so good at this - let's have another baby! Yes, like Guitar Hero says, I ROCK!

The day started with me changing my alarm from 6 to 7. When I turned it on last night, I actually told Matt, "This is pointless. I'll just change it in the morning." Which is exactly what I did. Emma slept in until after 7. I was awake, trying to decide if I was willing to get out of bed and wake her up or if I'd rather just take all the down time possible. Luckily, she woke up before I really had to make the decision.

We had breakfast, played, and finished cleaning the house. I even vacuumed the stairs, which is probably my least favorite thing to do, next to the cat box, of course. Emma was NOT impressed with the vacuuming. It's so loud that I have to put her in her room and close the door. Well then she's stuck in the crib, crying because it's a loud scary noise. So every couple of stairs I stopped and picked her up and helped her feel happy again.

So after the house was clean and we were both fed and I was showered, Emma played and then went down for a nap. It was a short nap, but it was perfectly timed. Just after Em woke up, Cristina called to see if we were ready for her and Amalia to come over. And we were!

Then we had a great visit with them. Amalia's only 10 days older than Emma. They loved playing with each other's toys and checking each other out. I got a chance to tell Cristina our birth story. (Sidebar: I love telling my birth story so much. I don't really understand why more women don't share them. In my opinion, it should be the first thing mothers talk about when they get together. But maybe I'm just blessed enough to love every aspect of my birth.) The girls started getting hungry, so they had a food break. Then Cristina and I were able to talk a little bit before the girls started getting too sleepy. Sadly I didn't get the full version of her birth story. And I didn't get to ask any of the questions I had because she completely sidetracked me by wanting to know our story. :) But that just means we have more to talk about next time.

(Insert pictures I would have taken had I remembered HERE.)

Oh, there will be a next time. It was absolutely wonderful hanging out with another mom, having another little girl for Emma to play with. So if I have anything to do with it, there will be a next time.

Plus there are plans in the works for Matt and I to host a Best of Natural Birth (Summer '09) Class reunion this summer. Because who doesn't want to hang out with a bunch of almost-one-year-olds and their parents in my backyard in the summer? I mean - we could grill, play in the grass, and even have a bonfire. Ok, maybe the bonfire should wait until the kids are a little bit older. Like for the 2-year reunion. :)

After Cristina and Amalia left, Emma went down for a nap. (Self-soothing, even. Yay!) And because it was a self-soothed nap time, it lasted forever. (Like, maybe an hour and a half, which is forever for her.) I was able to finally finish the data collection for the essay that was due last week (!) and relax a little bit.

Emma woke up, we played, and then we went for a walk. Very nice sunny day walk. She was interested in all the cars passing by and the dogs that barked. I even remembered to practice some signs (car, bus, dog).
This was the beginning of the trip. Basking in the sun!

Happy Sunshine Girls.

She'd look up at me and smile big, like she was happy to see me: MOMMY, it's YOU!

These photos have all been posted on my FB page too, so forgive me. But they're so cute! So after our walk, we made chocolate chip cookies. Told you it was a Rockstar day. Then it was time for a third (!) nap, during which I probably did nothing productive. And then she woke up, we played and I took more photos.

This is her happy summer-time lemonade outfit.

And a photo with Sophie La Girafe.

These balls are pretty much the reason she's so mobile already.

After playtime, Em and I went upstairs and talked with Aunt Tami and then took a bath, ate, and went to bed (another self-soothing moment!). Then Daddy came home and wanted me to install some program to make my blog look better. Which I refused to do because I was writing. So expect my blog to look better tomorrow, apparently. Also, I'm telling you this specifically because he told me not to blog about it. (Love ya, honey!)

And that was my Rockstar day.


  1. Love reading about your day with Emma! Thanks for sharing.