Thursday, March 4, 2010

Apparently I Needed Something Else In My Life

It's Spring Break here at WMU, which means I don't have class tonight. My plans for my night off, though, included leaving Emma with Aunt Ashley (and then Daddy) and going somewhere quiet so I could finally start my essay that was due last week.

But, as it often does, life got in the way. First, Emma needed a nap, so I laid down next to her and the first time I looked at the clock, it was already 4 pm, which is when I'd told Ashley we'd be there. And I had bed-head, a hungry baby, and an unpacked diaper bag.

Then, after dropping Em off, I had to go pick up our 1/4 hog (fresh & local bacon, sausage, bratwurst, ham steaks, etc!) in Lawton, which took easily an hour and a half. On the way, I got very distracted by this article on Bill Withers. So before going to our local Panera, where I'd planned on working diligently on my essay, I stopped at Meijer. I'd assumed that Meijer would have at least one Bill Withers album. Can I just tell you how terrible the organization is at the Meijer on Westnedge? So instead of just going straight to the Ws, I had to go through the entire selection of CDs. I ended up with a fluffy Easter Bunny for Emma and eleven CDs in my hands (none of which included a Bill Withers song). Now, not only am I unemployed, but with the pending legislation for extending unemployment benefits being held up by one single Senator, I really have zero financial stability. (Plus, by the way, I just committed by buying out my lease - $210 for the next 60 months.)

So instead of buying who knows how many dollars worth of CDs, I narrowed it down to four. Just four. With the Bunny, it was only (ONLY???) $75. Right. Good for me. (Completely worth it to spend time and money on myself.)

But here's the kicker: When I put Please Please Me in my car CD player, a smile went on my face and I danced. In my car. With the volume up. And I sang. And I smiled. And after listening just to the songs I could sing along to, I put the next CD in and was equally happy with my purchase.

And then, when I checked my FB page, Tam had posted her Pandora page, which makes me wish I had headphones right now so I could listen to music selected by my best friend that she is also listening to today.

Now, I'm at Panera, blogging instead of homeworking. And I'm trying so hard not to listen to the guys next to me who are obviously talking about AA & Alanon stuff that I want to hear. (Those headphones would sure come in handy right now.) Actually, I looked over and realized I knew the one guy from my Saturday morning meetings, so I said hi. Now I wish I was still going to those meetings because I miss it. Maybe I will.

But probably not.

I had promised a new look. I had assumed I'd post more photos. Neither are included in today's blog.

I need to focus on school now. But good for me to spend some selfish me-time.

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