Monday, March 15, 2010

It’s Been 6 Months (You’d Think I’d Have Learned By Now)

Emma and I took a great long nap after Noah left this morning.  Actually, it ended up being over two hours.  Very wonderful.

One slight problem, though.  I’d forgotten to change her diaper first.  So she leaked through.  Like C R A Z Y.

Oops.  My fault.  (This is why we sleep on top of a waterproof pad.  That and the spit-up.  And the drool.)

So the bed was saved, and all I had to do when we woke up was carry the waterproof pad with the baby on top of it into her bedroom and change her.  She was still in jammies, so it wasn’t like I was upset that her clean clothes were dirty.

I think I mentioned that lately I’ve been letting her pick out her clothes?  So after I got the soaked jammies and diaper off and washed her down with some wipes, I carried her over to the closet and let her grab whatever she wanted to wear.

And then there was a warmth on my side, and I realized that she’d peed on me.  Yep.  Well that one’s my fault too.  I mean, she was naked.  I deserved it.

March 210So I grabbed some clothes for her, took her back to the changing table and stripped.  Then I ran into the bedroom to change and back downstairs to grab the camera so I could take this photo.  The whole plan was to blog about the experience and say something like, “But you can’t get upset with this face.”  Because you can’t.  Also, it wasn’t her fault.  I’m the stupid one who had her on my hip without a diaper on.

I took some photos, playing with flash v. no flash and then I realized that, well...  She'd peed again.  Yep.  Again.

I wiped her up, picked her up, took the changing pad cover off the changing pad, wiped down the pad, and put Emma on the floor so I could put a new cover on.  But before I did that, I put her diaper on.  Because I didn’t want her peeing on her carpet.

Honestly, though.  A leaky diaper, a soaked shirt, and the changing pad too?  I thought I was better than this. 

Apparently I’m still an amateur.  Of course, it’s only been six months.