Monday, March 8, 2010

Scattered Thoughts

This is what I get for not posting for a couple of days - a list of things I want to say. Never mind that most of them came to me today. (Do you ever wish that "never mind" was actually one word like I do?)

So here I go, in (as close to) chronological order (as possible).

First, my dad left on his trip! [insert applause here] On Friday he called me to say that he was 10 minutes away from leaving the house. That was the first warning I had that it was actually going to be this weekend. Apparently he didn't want to jinx it by telling anyone too soon. So he drove himself and the boat down to our house Friday night. I wish I'd been able to take a picture or video of the boat pulling into our driveway. From my position, laying down on the couch, it really did look like a boat pulling into the driveway. I couldn't see the truck at all. Just a boat. Pulling into our driveway. It was great.

Most of the rest of Friday night was spent dealing with the new addition to the family - Dad's cat Dylan. He'll be staying with us while Dad's on his trip (until mid-April).

My kitty-brother, Dylan

He's such a tiny little thing, but I'm sure he'll gain wait in this house. We don't grow skinny cats here.

Saturday morning, Dad, Emma & I got up early and spent some time together. Matt was hit hard with a cold Friday afternoon, so he got to stay in bed. After some last minute frenzy (Dad thought he had forgotten his passport) and some last minute adjusting of the boat on the trailer, Dad said goodbye and backed the boat out of our driveway. (Impressive, by the way, for those of you who don't know our driveway.) I immediately posted his progress on his FB page, which is my official job. That way everyone can feel like they're connected with him. Unless he never calls me. He won't do that, but I'm positive he won't call as often as I'd like him to.

I spent the rest of the day Saturday feeling Dad's absence. It always amazes me how even if I don't see people often, the moment they leave for a trip or move out of state, I miss them more. It's like my heart can feel the difference.

On Sunday, Matt and I just lounged around the house. I was nursing a terrible headache that refused to actually leave and he was still sick. We really needed a mommy to take care of us, or at least a grandma to take care of the Monster. She was a good girl, but sometimes I didn't really want to deal with her at all. Why we didn't just pack her up and send her to Mike & Barb's I'll never figure out. But that's ok. She was a sweetie and I got a couple of good pictures...

Does anyone remember me saying I didn't want my daughter dressed in pink?
I hope not.

She picks out her clothes in the morning.
I just hold her up in the closet and she wears the first thing she grabs.
This was Sunday's choice.

I'm on a headband kick, since I found some that don't leave impressions in her skin.
Emma prefers to eat them, though.

Today Matt stayed home from work. While he slept on the couch and Emma slept in her crib, I was able to get a lot done on my silly Discussion Analysis. Once Matt started feeling better, we left the house and played in the sun. Matt wore Emma on our first walk in the park as a family. I can't believe it took almost 6 months to do it.

Real men wear babies.

This is Emma's first taste of snow.

I love this photo, even though (because) her face is half missing.

There were four deer taking a walk too. This was the best picture I could get.

This is Matt congratulating Emma on their perfect shot.

This is my reaction to their perfect shot - THEY HIT ME WITH A SNOWBALL!

This is Matt's unapologetic face.

It was a wonderful walk in the sun and the warmth, even if my headache tried to come back after my head was attacked by a snowball.

Finally, I just have to share my happy kitties. They soaked up the sun today, especially after I opened the sunroom door for them.

Buckley & Richard Parker didn't understand why they couldn't go outside to enjoy the sun.

Sha found a great hiding spot (away from Dylan) on top of the fridge.

RP enjoying some sun 'n' shadows.

Proof that Buckley & Sha like each other.

Dylan getting in on the sunshine action too.

The boys snuggling.

So to summarize my weekend: Dad here, Dad gone, Matt sick, cute baby, Matt home,Matt (a bit) better, walk in the park, sunshine kitties, finished the paper, had some me-time, going to bed.


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