Thursday, March 11, 2010

Other People's Adventures

Well, I dropped Emma off at Ashley's so I could get a head start on the paper that's due at the end of the month. But so far I've only managed to eat dinner, talk to my dad, update his FB page, and register for the MCTE conference. Actually, that's pretty good. And now I will blog, which is not homework but which is still good for me.

Dang it! I forgot to ask Dad something! And here's what: I found this site of this guy who interviews other people's parents and then posts them on his blog. It's a great idea. So at the bottom there's this email link asking for ideas of other parents to interview. I immediately thought Dad would be perfect. I mean, how many parents ask for 6 weeks off in the winter so they can go sail the Bahamas? So I emailed David and he's interested in talking with Dad while he's in the Bahamas. So. I need to make sure that I remember to tell Dad that he's doing it. :) Ok, that's more of a I forgot to tell Dad something, but still.

Speaking of Dad, being his FB secretary is pretty interesting. I have to filter what he tells me and only post what he wants other people to know. I mean, what if he didn't want everyone to know that he said "Getting out of the marina was amateur hour"? (FYI - he told me it was Ok to say that.) So whenever he calls, I take notes. (Notes on a conversation with my father!) And I make sure to say, "So what do you want me to post?" Today what I would have posted pretty much aligned with what he wanted me to post. But maybe not always. We'll see.

How cool is it that my Dad's sailing in the Bahamas? (Ok, technically he's not in the Bahamas yet.) Here's the story for those of you who don't know it: He started thinking he'd be temporarily laid off this winter. He came up with this great dream that if he was laid off, he would drive down to FL, buy a Cal-20, and sale the Bahamas. But then when he talked to his boss about it, he found out that he wasn't getting laid off. It broke his heart, so he asked for the time off. Nice. And now he's going. It's so exciting.

Also, I wish I were there with him. In the Bahamas. Or at least in FL.


Other things that have interested me today:
1. The Diane Rehm Show had this great interview today with a former Assistant Secretary of Education from the second Bush administration. She used to support No Child Left Behind, but now she's fighting against it AND against Race To The Top. She said that public schools are failing because of the emphasis on testing. (Where have I heard that before???) I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of her book.

2. Matt sent me this video on FB. It's interesting overall, but the focus on schools was the best part for me. (Wonder why?) Jamie Oliver knows what he's talking about. "The food that your kids get every day is fast-food, is highly processed, there's not enough fresh food in there at all. The amount of additives[...] there's not enough veggies at all, french fries are considered a vegetable." (See segment starting at 11:14!) I'd like to see a local foods initiative happen in schools. "There needs to be a new standard for fresh, proper food for your children." Volinia has maple syrup, so why can't schools also have gardens! I'm not just talking elementary either (which would really help with the kids who don't know about vegetables - see the segment starting at 13:10 on the video.) As Jamie says in the video, "We've got to start teaching our kids about food in schools - period."


In household news, I made Emma's first batch of homemade baby food yesterday. (I'll post pictures here tomorrow - I don't have my camera with me here at Panera.) Yummy local carrots. We'll see if she likes them when we start solids on Saturday. (I feel the need to let you know that giving her the spoon to lick after making the carrots does not count as starting her on solids.) (Also, she loved licking the spoon. Actually, it was more like chewing on it.)

She's also learning to use a sippy cup. Growing up so fast. As always.

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