Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gardens. I love them.

March 240 Well, aside from the problems this morning with the doctor’s office, we had a great day today.  Actually, I should probably say that I had a great day today because I doubt Emma would agree with me.  The poor girl got four shots and an oral vaccine.  Mostly because the doctor knows how to put the fear of God into me about vaccinations.  I was trying to refuse the flu shots – she doesn’t need them: we stay at home, we have a cart cover for shopping carts and high chairs, Daddy washes his hands when he comes home, its the end of the flu season – but when the doctor started saying stuff like “she could die or become brain damaged” I caved.  Also, the little girl is remaining little.  She’s growing, but not at the pace the doctor recommends.  I’ve been reminded that she’s solely a breast-fed baby and the growth charts are for formula-fed babies.  I’m trying not to worry.  At any rate, she continues to be a tall, skinny baby with a not-huge head.  I love her and she’s wonderful.

(PS – I’m searching for a more like-minded doctor.)

After the doctor’s appointment, I took Emma to campus so I could go meet with my advisor.  It looks like I’m closer to my Masters degree than I thought: four or five classes left.  I’m taking one right now, and have plans to take one in July/August and another in the fall.  That means that I’m so close to being finished.  It’s crazy.  (By “so close” I probably mean 2012 or 2013.  More likely 2013 or 2014 when Em’s sibling comes around…)

And then it’s on to my Doctorate.  Go team.March 241

The rest of the day with Emma was great.  She got tired and cranky quickly, so I fed her more carrots, took a bath with her, and then we nursed again.  By 5:30 she was asleep and I got to do stuff for me.

That included working out, playing in my gardens, and painting my March 247toenails.  (I was going to post a photo of my pink toes, but after looking at it, I realized that toes are ugly.)  Here’s the proof that I accomplished great things in the garden.  Also, after spending an entire summer and fall away from my gardens, I now see the results of the neglect.  I need to power wash the fence and reclaim my side garden from the ivy.   But it was great to be outside this evening, getting my hands dirty.  I love my flowers and can’t wait for the daffodils to bloom.  They’re my March 246favorite.  I’m also considering transplanting some of the 29 crocuses that I counted.  That way they’ll surprise me when they come up next spring.  I love it when that happens. 


  1. Hi! We are looking for a more like-minded doctor too...I have asked some other "natural moms" and they haven't really found more than a doctor that tolerates delayed vaccinations and stuff. We waited till 6 months for Amalia too...we just gave her 1 round of the dtap...the doctor we can tell is growing increasingly impatient. It is so annoying and we are the consumer!!! It is really tough to get straight info on vaccines too. Do you mind me asking who Em is seeing? Amalia is now in the 15th percentile for weight which had me really worried but every natural resource I have reas assures me she is fine...if she is reaching her milestones. This mom thing can be so tough can't it?

  2. Hi! (I'll repost this on FB as a message just in case you don't get it...) We've seen 2 or 3 people at ProMed in Richland. I haven't found anyone there we like. I've heard great things about Trestlewood (Portage, I think?) and Dr. Born in Parchment. We'll probably try Dr. Born first since he's a family doctor and is closer. :)

    As for Amalia's weight - I've learned to trust my instincts as a mom. Also, if she's reaching her developmental milestones, I'd say she's fine. :)